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12 November 2010 @ 05:21 pm
round 4, challenge 2, results  

Gorgeous three entries in ch2.
Unfortunately, we must say goodbye to one icon maker this week..

People's Choice

[info]thewordmap : thankyou so participating and we'd love to see you back for round 5. great icons too!
people's choice banner will be posted asap! congrats [info]lady_kingsley

01: + + -
02: - -
03: - + +

Look here to see your icon number.

+ I really this coloring, very soft.
- It's too plain. The dark edges make the icon look too dark. Maybe you should have sharpened important areas in her face to make it pop up (like the eyes).

- Icon is a bit too sharpened.
- i dont really like the sharpening. cute blending though!

+ cute picture of miley, and unusual background. very creative.
+ I like the cropping and how the text in the background really pops up.